About Artcast

Artcast Inc., based in Halton Hills, Ontario is an art & custom foundry with over 50 years of experience casting sculptures in bronze and various other metals using the 'lost wax process'. The services provided include enlarging, moldmaking, casting, finishing, patinating, polishing, repairs, and restorations. We are also available for consultation for new and existing sculptures.

The Foundry

Having developed and continuing to practice unique and innovative methods for mould making, casting, wax preparation, patina we are capable of producing a finished product of bar-raising quality and with a patina that will bring it to life. We have a first-class crew, many of whom who have been with us for over 10 years and some for more than 20. Our crew is well trained, highly skilled, and is proud to produce an exceptional product. Combining our Innovative methods, 50 years of experience and our superior crew, we are happy to offer a solution for almost any challenge we have been presented.

Over the years Artcast has gained an international reputation for quality, service and reliability and is proud to be the foundry of choice for North America’s leading sculptors.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not guarantee the survival of an original through the mold process. However, Artcast will always take the care to try to maintain the integrity of the original.   

Artcast does not provide samples of our work.  Our doors are open for visitors to come and see, close up, what we do and what their options may be.

Please note that colour is subjective. We have an array of colour samples at the Toronto location and at the Georgetown location for your convenience and perusal.

All pricing is determined using materials, labour, and complexity as the main factors.

Timing is always based on our current workload and what is supplied to the Foundry. Smaller pieces generally take 4 – 6 weeks to completion. Monumental sized pieces can take 3 – 6 – 12 months to completion.

Price breaks are sometimes provided when there are multiples being completed at the same time. This is assessed on an individual basis taking into account the potential of economies of scale.

At Artcast, we willingly accommodate the wax approval of a client. We feel that it is important to be certain that our clients are pleased with their piece throughout the process.

Yes, as with wax approval, we want our clients to be pleased with their work before it leaves the Foundry.

Yes, if you have paid to have us create a mould, then the mould belongs to you.

For an explanation of our process click here.

The defining difference is the material that the molten metal is poured into. Lost wax castings are poured into ceramic or investment mould while sand castings are poured into, well… sand. The amount of post processing and finishing required after sand casting is significantly higher than pieces cast through the lost wax process as the sand leaves a very rough texture on the surface of the piece. Sand casting can be a more economical method for producting a casting but the lost wax process is much more versatile and generally yields higher quality finished pieces.


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