Leap of Faith

 Leap of Faith by Andrew Benyei  This version of Leap of Faith is a Two-Thirds life-size sculpture, hand enlarged and delivered to California.

An Award-Winning Art Foundry

Artcast Inc. Wins the Fine-Art Casting Contest category at the ICI 2017 Technical Conference and Equipment Expo. Last week Erich Knoespel attended the Investment Casting Institute’s 64th annual Technical Conference and Equipment Expo in Covington Ky. One element of the conference is a Casting Contest. The Casting Contest awards were designed and cast at Artcast. […]

Garden of Future Follies

Garden of Future Follies June 2016 Hadley+Maxwell, Patinated Cast Bronze This piece can be found at the corner of Front St E. and Bayview Avenue in Toronto.   Press Release    


Polonius the T-Rex February 2016 Steve Millard, Patinated Cast Bronze.  

Terry Fox Tribute

September 2015, Ransom Park, Richmond Hill Blue Republic, Patinated Cast Bronze

Siggy Puchta (1933-2015)

As some of you may already know, The art community lost another master sculptor this year. Artcast had worked with Siggy for many years

Triumph Through Diversity

November 2014 Adrienne Alison, Patinated Cast Bronze Triumph Through Diversity was unveiled on November 6th 2014. The monument, sculpted by Canadian sculptor Adrienne Alison, sits beside the East Block on Parliament Hill. There are seven above-lifesize figures standing on the stone base facing outwards. The silhouette of this monument is powerful and memorable.   

The Goblet

October 2014 Private ownership, Patinated Cast Bronze What we refer to as “The Goblet” came to us as someone’s family heirloom. It had been with their family for many generations and the original had already been repaired many times. They wanted something more permanent, a bronze duplicate of their seventeenth-century German Goblet. We suspect that […]