Terry Fox Tribute

September 2015, Ransom Park, Richmond Hill Blue Republic, Patinated Cast Bronze

Triumph Through Diversity

November 2014 Adrienne Alison, Patinated Cast Bronze Triumph Through Diversity was unveiled on November 6th 2014. The monument, sculpted by Canadian sculptor Adrienne Alison, sits beside the East Block on Parliament Hill. There are seven above-lifesize figures standing on the stone base facing outwards. The silhouette of this monument is powerful and memorable.   

Jeffrey Baldwin (Super Jeffrey)

October 2014 Artcast, Patinated cast bronze Jeffrey Baldwin stands on a bench filled with messages from donors in a park near the home he once lived in.  In late 2013 Todd Boyce started a crowdfunding campaign to raise 30,000 dollars to build a statue in memory of a boy. The boy was little Jeffrey Baldwin, […]