An Award-Winning Art Foundry

Artcast Inc. Wins the Fine-Art Casting Contest category at the ICI 2017 Technical Conference and Equipment Expo. Last week Erich Knoespel attended the Investment Casting Institute’s 64th annual Technical Conference and Equipment Expo in Covington Ky. One element of the conference is a Casting Contest. The Casting Contest awards were designed and cast at Artcast. […]


Polonius the T-Rex February 2016 Steve Millard, Patinated Cast Bronze.  

Siggy Puchta (1933-2015)

As some of you may already know, The art community lost another master sculptor this year. Artcast had worked with Siggy for many years


Wow, we have been having such a great time with Rückblick.  As a Foundry, it is great to receive such warm feedback from so many people. Just as a reminder, the show is still on and will finish on September 5.  Please make sure that you get a chance to check it out.  It is […]


2014 is a big year for Artcast. Not only is the shop full of work but we re-launched our website (it hadn’t been updated since 2002), hosted an open house at the foundry, and currently have an art show at the Canadian Sculpture Centre. This is a year for us to take those who have […]

Take a Look Back- Paul Fairley

Paul Fairley The art world lost a beautiful talent when, in 1991 Paul Fairley died in his 43rd year. He took the time and the care required to maintain consistency throughout his sculptures. The finished look of all his “editioned” works received the same attention to detail as his originals. Paul had an in depth […]

Little Jeffrey

To all our Artcast friends, We have been working on a project that we would like to share with you. It all began around the time of the inquest for young Jeffrey Baldwin. He was a five-year-old Toronto boy who on November 30th 2002 died of pneumonia, septic shock, mistreatment, and starvation at the hands […]

Above Average… As Usual.

  The shell being cast above is one of many sections to a 16-foot-long birch bark canoe. This section in particular had a cast-weight of around four hundred pounds. Under normal conditions we can usually accommodate around 285 pounds per pour. Having such a large shell to pour into presented multiple challenges. The shell didn’t […]

Goddess of Democracy

Artist: Ruth AbernethyLocation: York University, Keele CampusDescription: 8-feet tall. Commissioned to replace the missing papier-mâché replica of the original Goddess of Democracy from the 1989 Tiananmen square student protests.