Remembrance & Renewal

Artist: Colin Gibson
Location: Juno Beach Centre. Normandy, France

“The Juno Beach Centre Association commissioned the memorial sculpture “Remembrance and Renewal”, which is featured in the Centre’s courtyard, from artist Colin Gibson, who lives and works near Flesherton, Ontario. The sculpture features five military figures that wrap into a circular formation look outward, into the distance. The massive figures undulate into one another, accentuating the unity and comradeship of those who served Canada at home and abroad. The figures are posed to reflect different emotions, in keeping with their individual gestures. One figure depicts leadership, another vigour and alertness, while still another looks sombre and reflective. A fourth figure is stepping forward to assist a comrade.Their chiselled features express determination and bravery. The broad shoulders symbolize the heavy weight of responsibility that each man had to bear during this struggle. The figures and features are somewhat obscure, to convey the fact that much time has passed since the war, and that modern-day memories of it are fading away as the survivors go to rejoin their comrades in arms. This memorial sculpture honours the sacrifices of all those who participated in the war effort, both in the field and in all operations in Canada and abroad, to help achieve final victory.”

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