2014 is a big year for Artcast. Not only is the shop full of work but we re-launched our website (it hadn’t been updated since 2002), hosted an open house at the foundry, and currently have an art show at the Canadian Sculpture Centre. This is a year for us to take those who have helped us get to where we are today and to show others how we got there. Rückblick is a chance for us to exhibit works from 1964 to 2014 all in one space. The show is full of Canadian bronze sculpture from a wide range of sculptors with a wide range of styles.

It’s said that if you stand still long enough at our shop, you’ll be cast. There are a few pieces that aren’t what you’d traditionally call “art” but certainly have earned their place in the show. We have cast driftwood, pinecones, acorns, a trout, jeans, shirts, and even a bee’s nest. Some of this “Sh*t We’ve Cast” is on display at the gallery. It goes to show how bronze is truly a fine art medium.

I’ve been asked on quite a few occasions “what is Rückblick and why did you choose that name”. Typically shows that show a history of an artist or in our case a foundry are known as retrospectives. I agree that “Retrospect” would be a good name as it is simple and that’s truly what the show is but I didn’t feel that it was as unique as Artcast. Artcast is Canada’s premier art foundry and I wanted something that would make people think… something different than the rest. I looked to the history of the founder, Eric Knoespel (my Opa). I decided to do a little research and find what German galleries called their “retrospect” shows… well it turns out that they just use “Retrospekt”… with a “k”… not unique enough for what I wanted. I then just decided to translate retrospect and came across Rückblick, it’s different and it means what I needed it to mean.

So for us Rückblick is more than just the German word for retrospect or looking back. To us it also means attention to detail, stunning finishes, customer service, highly experienced staff, and a professional art foundry you can count on just as others have been for 50 years.

We hope to see you there. 

Erich. J