Terms and Conditions

1-         Prices:

Prices shown in quotation will remain for 30 days. These prices do not include provincial, federal or any form of tax. All clerical errors are subject to correction.


2-         Credit Terms:

Net cash payable in Canadian funds. Delinquent invoices will carry interest at the rate of 3% per month.


3-         Delivery:

We assume no liability for any loss or damage due to delay in delivery caused by unavoidable occurrences within our plant, or government regulations etc. Items ordered will be shipped F.O.B. our plant, with title to such items passing to the buyer upon delivery to a carrier.


4-         Patents and copyright:

It is understood that full responsibility will be assumed by you, holding us free and harmless from all losses or claims for infringement of any patent and/or copyrights arising from production of parts in accordance with drawings, samples, models, or designs furnished by you.


5-         Advertising and Publicity

Unless otherwise agreed, we reserve the right to have our makers mark appear on each casting and also use the castings and/or photographs for display or advertising purposes.


6-         Insurance:

It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to carry those forms of insurance necessary to cover moulds and patterns etc. from loss due to fire, or other damage beyond our control.


7-         Moulds, Dies, Fixtures:

Moulds, Dies, and Fixtures used in processing the purchaser’s order shall be paid for by the purchaser and remain their property while in the seller’s possession. If it becomes necessary for the purchaser to remove any of the ABOVE-MENTIONED items it shall be forwarded at the purchaser’s expense. Reconditioning due to normal wear or design changes shall be paid for by the purchaser.


8-         Warranty:

We guarantee our castings according to the specifications accepted by us. Defective castings will be repaired or credit allowed at the seller’s option within 30 days from shipping date. No claim for defective castings shall exceed the purchase price paid for said castings. Castings claimed defective shall not be mutilated or otherwise processed to be eligible for credit. Alloys specified in quotation will be used and are approved by you unless otherwise instructed, in writing. This warranty is exclusive and no other warranties, expressed or implied, by law or otherwise, are made with respect to castings sold hereunder.


9-         Changes and Cancellations:

We reserve the right to require payment for charges in the event of cancellation or engineering changes.


10-       Damages:

We will accept NO responsibility for any damages or loss arising from process failure, breakage, theft or delay caused during normal handling by Artcast Inc.