Who is the Artcast Man?


If you’ve dealt with us before, you’ve probably seen the Artcast Man. He has been the quiet face of Artcast since his conception in the mid ’70s. The Man was originally sketched and refined by Artcast’s first production manager, Brian Ritchie. Brian and Eric had been working on creating a visual representation of the lost wax process for some foundry literature when Brian came up with this little man. The man is simple and smooth, perfect for showing the basics of lost wax. Eric had the finalized man copied so that Brian could sketch on the rubber mold, the gating system, the ceramic shell, and the poured bronze.

The Artcast man has been a part of our history since the mid ‘70s and continues to appear in our advertising and literature. This year, in celebration of our 50th year, we have brought the Artcast man to life. Holly Atkinson, one of our senior wax technicians sculpted a three-dimensional version of the Man. This is the first time in 40 years that he has ever been cast. After all this time, we are happy to announce the birth of our 40-year-old little man

Early use of the artcast man

Early use of the Artcast Man in Artcast literature.